BGS teacher visits Rome to teach Latin

BGS teacher visits Rome to teach Latin

Bury Grammar School Girls' Head of Classics Mrs Kilshaw Walster recently visited Rome to deliver training on how to teach Latin.

She taught a group of delegates at a Classical School in Rome on how to teach Latin, mainly at GCSE level.

She met Italian teachers who had come from all over Italy to attend the course.

Mrs Kilshaw Walster said: "I had to be really careful to speak slowly and clearly and use standard English so that the delegates could understand me.

"I began to use Italian phrases (courtesy of Google translate) to tell them when it was break and lunch time and for how long, so that they would actually go on the break.

"The school caterers made us traditional, home made Italian food which was delicious. It was also incredibly hard work as I made all the PowerPoints and materials beforehand and then I was the sole presenter for two full days which was quite a lot of pressure; I was also being observed by a lead trainer for half of the first day."