BGSG celebrates 80th birthday of former Headmistress

BGSG celebrates 80th birthday of former Headmistress

We held a small gathering in school on Tuesday 22 May to celebrate former BGSG Headmistress’ 80th Birthday.

We were delighted to welcome Miss Lawley into School alongside some of her former work colleagues and members of the school community.

Miss Lawley enjoyed a display showcasing her time as a pupil, memories of her time as headmistress from 1987 to 1998 and reports from her time in retirement.

The new Prefects - Head of Events, Emily Wilson and Deputy Head of Events Sophie Parker found it fascinating to go through the extensive BGS archives with ex teacher and archivist Mrs Kenyon to gather all the items for the display.

Miss Lawley was presented with flowers and balloons and a scrapbook filled with memoirs and birthday messages from pupils from when she was headmistress.

She was also given a card signed by pupils from each year group in school.

Happy Birthday Miss Lawley!