BGSG fulfils every standard in ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection

BGSG fulfils every standard in ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection

No recommendations were made regarding areas in which the School might improve.

Bury Grammar School Girls are delighted to announce that they have recently succeeded in meeting every criterion examined during a Compliance Inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

BGSG pride themselves on being a school which seeks to inspire and challenge pupils to work hard, aim high and achieve, providing an excellent learning environment where each pupil values success both in and out of the classroom.

The Inspectors visited the School on January 17th and 18th and immersed themselves fully in BGSG school life. They observed lessons, analysed the curriculum, conducted interviews with pupils, and held informal discussions with staff. They attended assemblies and form periods and observed a variety of extra -curricular activities. The Inspection ranged from Pre-School through to Sixth Form and feedback across all areas was excellent.

BGSG passed the Inspection in every one of the eight compliance requirements. These included the standards of the quality of education provided, the suitability of the staff and those in contact with the pupils. The welfare of the students together with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development met every requirement, as did the standards relating to the premises and the provision of information to parents, Inspectors and the Department of Education.

The report also showed that BGSG pupils in general achieve better exam results than assessments of their innate ability would suggest they were capable of.

Finally, it was found that, in relation to the quality of leadership and management of the School, that good skills and knowledge were evident, leaders fulfil all responsibilities effectively to ensure that standards are consistently met, and they actively promote the wellbeing of the pupils. BGSG met all of these standards.

Principal and Headmistress Jo Anderson said: "We are absolutely delighted to have passed the Inspection in every area. Our own data shows us that our pupils consistently outperform expectations and we put this down to BGSG's intelligent, modern and caring approach to education - and above all, to team work. We genuinely work together as a team at BGSG - pupils and teachers have excellent relationships, our support staff and teachers work together brilliantly to do the best for our wonderful pupils and partnerships with parents are really strong. Above all, we have high expectations and care for the pupils in our School. They are the future!"

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