British Red Cross visit BGS Junior Girls' First Aid Club

British Red Cross visit BGS Junior Girls' First Aid Club

The British Red Cross visited the BGS Girls' Junior School's First Aid Club on Tuesday.

After Year 6 pupil Hanna Rehman recently used her First Aid knowlegde to aid her mother when she had a severe allergic reaction to medication, the British Red Cross were so impressed by the story that they came to see the First Aid Club at BGS for themselves.

Katie Gaunt, Youth Education Marketing Executive for the British Red Cross, provided advice for the First Aid Club as they tested their knowledge in a variety of situations including burns and the recovery position. She also provided certificates to the girls at the end of the session.

Katie said: "It was fantastic to see Year 6 learning first aid. Thanks to Mrs Woodhead and Bury Grammar School, more children will have the skills to help in a first aid emergency. Learning first aid helps to increase confidence levels and we believe it’s a life skill everyone should have.

"As an organisation we would like everyone to have the opportunity to learn first aid throughout their lives, starting at school, so that a generation of people can be equipped with the skills they need to help in an emergency. Just like Hanna did when she helped save her mum’s life, well done Hanna."

The British Red Cross have first aid advice on their website and a first aid app.