Bury Grammar School CCF undergoes inspection from BGS Old Girl

Bury Grammar School CCF undergoes inspection from BGS Old Girl

On Friday 15th March 2019, the Bury Grammar School CCF underwent their biannual inspection, carried out by BGS Old Girl Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Masling.

Being the first female cadet in the contingent in 1992, Lt Col Masling was impressed by the amount of female cadets currently in the CCF, and how different this was to her time here. 

Upon arrival, Lt Col Masling was greeted by the quarter guard, before proceeding to introduce herself to the cadets. The day consisted of a series of events which showcased all the CCF has to offer from, the core of drums to the vast amount of leadership opportunities available. 

Following tea, and a tour of the CCF’s facilities, we then proceeded down to Buckley Wells where a number of team building and leadership activities were taking place.

I then accompanied the inspector, as she visited the various stands, and gave the cadets opportunity to ask her any questions about her role in the medical corps, and how she earnt all of her medals. 

Following this, the senior cadets took part in a section attack, whilst firing blank rounds, and using smoke grenades to mask their location; demonstrating the realism of the training received by our cadets. This then concluded the display, and followed by an address from Lt Col Masling, where she reminisced about her time at BGS and how highly she values her experiences in the CCF. 

Overall the day was extremely successful, and I would like to commend not only the seniors for running the stands, but also the newer cadets for their enthusiasm on the day despite the weather.

Written by Hassaan, CCF RSM (Year 13)