Stunning results at GCSE as BGS pupils smash previous records

Stunning results at GCSE as BGS pupils smash previous records

Record breaking results across the board

BGS boys’ overall GCSE results are the best in more than a decade

Bury Grammar pupils are over the moon with their stunning sets of record breaking GCSE results. Boys’ overall grades are the best in more than a decade, making them a stand out generation.

There was a huge buzz about the School the morning as our fantastic Year 11 pupils opened their results envelopes and began to realise the enormity of their achievements.

In a year when the GCSE system has been reformed and many subjects are now graded 9 to 1, while others, including some IGCSEs continue to be graded A*-G (please see key below*) the extent of the success achieved by today’s GCSE pupils would not necessarily be easy to appreciate, were it not for the fact that BGS pupils have excelled themselves and quite clearly smashed records.

Around one in three grades is a coveted A* / grade 8 or 9 and approaching nine in ten grades are at the impressive A*to B / 9 to 5 level. In total, Bury Grammar pupils have gained 320 A* / 9-8 grades between them this year.

The new grade 9, referred to by some as A** or ‘A double star’ and previously thought beyond the reach of all but a top elite, features on the results slips of a magnificent third of Bury Grammar School pupils.

Fifteen very hard-working pupils are rejoicing at having gained at least nine grades all at the A*-A / 9-7 level.

We are aware that not every pupil’s results will make the headlines but are extremely proud of so many of our young people today, not the least of whom are those who have shown true character in overcoming significant challenges and who have surpassed all expectations.

The pass rate at grades A*-C / 9-4 is a fabulous 97%.

( * Key to new grading system: roughly, 9= so-called A**’ 8=A* 7=A 5/6=B 4=C)

‘Out of reach’ grade 9s (referred to by some as ‘A**’) achieved by one in three Bury Grammar School pupils

We had been led to believe that it would be nigh on impossible to achieve one of the new grade 9 , and yet forty-two pupils – a third of the year group - have attained perfection in at least one subject by reaching the exceptional new grade 9.

In all, we are celebrating a knock out ‘century’ of grade 9s : a stunning 100 grade 9s have been awarded to Bury Grammar School pupils this year.

A number of departments are celebrating sparkling results with strings of grade 9s,

  • 18 grade 9s in English Literature
  • 18 grade 9s in the Sciences
  • 13 grade 9s in Mathematics
  • 11 grade 9s in English Language

Outstanding performances in Science, English and Mathematics and other subjects

More than 90% of grades are at A*-B / 9-5 in a whole range of departments across the school - among them Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing – confirming Bury Grammar School’s status as a leading STEM school. A*-B / 9-5 grades were also above 90% across the school in English Language, English Literature, Geography, Music and R.S. In Drama and Food, 100% of grades achieved are at A*-B / 9-5.

Boys and their teachers excelled themselves in a number of areas: Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Computing and RS pupils achieved a perfect 100% A*-B / 9-5 and 98% of Mathematics pupils also gained A*-B / 9-5 grades.

Individual successes

There are so many success stories, just some of which are outlined below:

  • Twins Eve and George Armstrong have seventeen grades at A*-A / 9-8 between them. Eve has two 9s (A**), four 8s (A*) and three 7s (A), while George has five 9s (A*), four A* and one 8 (A*).
  • Bethany Bangbala has six 9s (A**), three 8s (A*) and one 7 (A).
  • Twins Saba and Sana Khalil have twenty-one grades at A*-A / 9-7 between them. Saba has seven grade 9s (A**), one A*, two 7s (A) and one 5 (B) while Sana has five grade 9s (A**), two 8s (A*), one A* and three 7s (A).
  • William Mau has six grades 9s (A**), four A*s and one A.
  • Janvi Patel has four grade 9s (A**), five grade 8s (A*) and one grade B.
  • Molly Whitlow has seven grade 9s (A**), two 8s (A*), one A* and one A.
  • William Danson has five 9s (A**), three A*s, one 8 (A), one A and one C.

Headmistress, Mrs Jo Anderson:

‘We are just blown away by the success of our pupils this exam season. Coming on the back of last week’s stunning A Level results we did not dare hope for outstanding results again this week at GCSE. But many of our pupils have surpassed expectations and are deservedly thrilled. And this is the real success story of the day. At the heart of Bury Grammar School’s ethos is the philosophy of genuinely celebrating each individual’s achievement. League tables and overall statistics only tell you so much and we are fully aware that behind the headlines lie some real success stories of pupils who have overcome significant difficulties to achieve grades which represent stunning achievements for them, but might not be As and Bs. We know who these pupils are, we do not underestimate the extent of their tremendous achievements and we congratulate them wholeheartedly. Such resilience and character will stand them in good stead in the future.

It is hard to take in the extent of today’s achievements and we are running out of superlatives! But we would like to underline the role played in these magnificent results by a supremely dedicated and talented teaching and support staff who had faith in our pupils, always encouraged them to do better and gave generously of their time. I was fizzing with excitement when handed our ‘value added’ data which just shows the huge difference a Bury Grammar School education makes.'

Headmaster, Mr Devin Cassidy:

‘I could not be more pleased with these GCSE results which are the best for over a decade and are absolutely outstanding.

In a year when the reformed GCSE has made achieving top grades more difficult our pupils have very much bucked this trend and they should be very proud of their achievements.

201 of the grades achieved have been at A* or equivalent. But these results are not achieved by accident. They are the result of determined hard work by the pupils, passionate and expert teaching and a strong partnership with parents.

I warmly congratulate the pupils on achieving these phenomenal results: I am absolutely over the moon for them.’

And the news is even better for the next generation... As BGS pupils and parents will already be aware, from September 2018 more teaching time will be devoted to each GCSE subject and pupils going into Year 10 will be the first cohort to have the opportunity to study for the HPQ (Higher Project Qualification) which will prepare them so well for Sixth Form.’

As pupils and parents left a trail of glitter behind them in School, teachers continued to discuss pupils’ outstanding achievements. We can’t wait to welcome them into the Sixth Form!