Cambridge Chemistry Challenge success for sixth formers

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge success for sixth formers

At the end of last term our A Level Chemists participated in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

Iggy Kozlowski and Rachel Shepherd achieved a bronze with Sanjush Dalmia achieving a coveted silver award.

There were a total of 7966 entries into this year's competition and only 1422 students won Silver. Sanjush was in the top 18% of students in the country.

The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge aims to stretch and challenge students interested in chemistry and provides an excellent experience for anyone considering taking their studies further.

It is designed to be accessible to Year 12 students but will take them significantly beyond the syllabus and encourage them to think about science in the way they would at university.

CREST Awards successes

I am pleased to announce that the following A-level students have achieved their Bronze CREST awards.
Samid Bhatti

Yanming Jiang

Zahra Rezaei

Umer Saeed

Rachel Shepherd

Rhys Stone

Alexandra Whitehead

Our students collectively spent over 70 hours performing experiments, writing projects and presentations.

Students learnt all about how research works, how to come up with ideas, how to time manage, how to plan, how to work systematically, how to create professional documents and how to work over long periods of time to tight deadlines.

These are all transferable skills that are extremely important in a career at BGS, sixth form and beyond.

Over the last 6 years, our students have achieved 76 Bronzes, 7 Silver and 1 Gold, equating to over 1050 hours of work!

I am delighted to say that it is the first time that girls from the new co-educational sixth form have achieved a CREST award. Miss Bailey will be launching CREST with the remainder of BGSG this year.

Our 6th form students are now in the midst of writing up their Silver and Gold CREST awards.