Derby win BGSB's annual House Quiz Tournament

Derby win BGSB's annual House Quiz Tournament

Derby House were the winners of the annual Bury Grammar School Boys House Quiz Tournament on Wednesday.

Derby, with the team of Will Danson (Captain), Adam Penlington, Alex Kinsler and James Bishop, beat Howlett 670-560 in the half-hour final.

Howlett, who had lost the previous two House quiz finals, were ahead halfway through but Derby proved too quick on the buzzer in the final stages.

The quiz followed a similar format to University Challenge: starter on the buzzer, followed by three bonuses.

There were ten points for each question and a further ten if the team answered the starter and all three bonuses correctly.

Some rounds were specifically for the juniors in the team (Year 10 and below), and questions included the name of the three Prime Ministers who were immediate predecessors of Theresa May, the number of red balls in a frame of snooker and the largest coral reef system in the world.

Mr Hone, Head of History & Politics in BGSB, was the organiser and question master.