EYFS Update - 13/09/2019

EYFS Update - 13/09/2019

The Kindergarten pupils have had an incredible first week! Who knew exploring could be so much fun?

The children started the week off by scribing their own list of ‘BGS Expectations’ and learnt the importance of following their own rules.  These are displayed in our Kindergarten Star room.

Feeling safe, happy and secure in their new environment is paramount in developing a child’s personal, social and emotional development and this is our primary focus over the coming weeks.

The Kindergarten staff are always here to talk, advise and support you and your child.

Reception have had a great first week at school.

They have been busy getting to know all of their teachers, familiarising themselves with their classrooms and making lots of new friends.

The children have drawn self-portraits, visited the swimming pool and had their first PE lessons; there’s been so much going on.

They even took the time to write their own class rules, which were very sensible.

We look forward to seeing what else they get up to this term!