EYFS Update - 29/06/2018

EYFS Update - 29/06/2018


The Reception children this week have been working hard on several projects and are really showing the teachers that they are ready for the challenges in Year 1. 
A huge well done to the children who took part in the Swimming Gala on Monday and to all who could attend to support. The children really do enjoy their swimming lessons and their everdeveloping technique is always a pleasure to see!

Rehearsals are going well for the concert next Thursday; we hope to see you there! The children really enjoy the opportunity to perform for an audience and they have been working hard on learning their word, perfecting their pitch and projecting their voices. 

The tail end of the week has had a very different focus…STEM! The children have been working hard on their engineering skills, producing vehicles with moving parts from junk, ready for the big race on Friday! They have thoroughly enjoyed working together to create these vehicles and thinking about the design and engineering in our vehicles of today. Not only did the children look at books, pictures and toys, they were a part of the school STEM experience Friday morning! Here the children enjoyed finding out about, and climbing around, a wide variety of vehicles including a tractor, lorry, truck, modern and vintage cars, modern and vintage motorbikes, and even a helicopter! Some great questions were asked and this has prompted some more research in the classroom.

On such a warm week, the children are definitely ready for a restful weekend!


On such a warm week, you may assume that Pre-School children would down tools. Not in this Pre-school, there is no stopping them! They have thoroughly enjoyed further developing and discussing our sports day from last week. Everyone had a great time and thank you again if you were able to come along and support the children.

The children have been thinking about transport and travel this half term, and the STEM day could not have come at a better time! The children have been looking at how we would transport both ourselves and goods from around the world and this has fed wonderfully into our exploration of all of the different vehicles on show on Friday. The children had some interesting questions for the drivers and came up with some answers of their own. Obviously, the icing on the cake was watching the helicopter visit in our Welly Walk field, and then having the opportunity to meet the pilot and look at the helicopter. Our Welly Walks will never be the same again! 

Vehicles have been constructed throughout the week, using anything we have had to hand, from junk to duplo, and from tubes to mobilo. Some great engineering has been going on. If there is any that continues at home, please do send a photograph in!

The children have also been thinking about the sun, and why it is so warm in the summer but cold in the winter. We have begun to think about our country and our place on Earth. 


Reception Transition afternoon – Monday 2nd July. Class teachers are available for parents from 3.15-4.30pm

Kind regards, 

Mr Shuttleworth – On behalf of the EYFS Team