Exploded Earth project displayed in Sixth Form Centre

Exploded Earth project displayed in Sixth Form Centre

It isn’t very often that staff make it in to the weekly newsletter but this week we have!

In June and early September, all staff (both teaching staff and support staff) came together working collaboratively on a joint project called Exploded Earth.

Inspired by ceramicist Steve Tobin, we created multiple textures and patterns in blocks of clay, then inserted firecrackers… and lit them!

All risk-assessed and highly controlled by the Firestarters themselves - Mr Dennis and Mr Newbury, we watched as our carefully nurtured structures of clay exploded beyond our control.

It was fantastic to see all staff coming together and sharing this experience, being a part of something and working as a team.

Now all the pieces of clay are fired, they have been installed in the joint Sixth Form Centre, which was officially opened last Friday 21st September.

So many people helped in getting this project up and running; from Mrs Hart in the office sourcing the firecrackers, Dr Hall testing out the explosives and different bodies of clay, to Miss Frisby and Mrs Kershaw getting staff organised on the day and of course Mr Dennis and Mr Newbury for making the work go up with a bang... anything to wear a pinny, eh Mr Dennis!

You can watch an example of the work the staff did here