External pupils sit Entrance Examination and enjoy afternoon activities

External pupils sit Entrance Examination and enjoy afternoon activities

Bury Grammar School held its 2018 Year 7 Entrance Examination on Thursday.

External pupils were greeted by BGS sixth formers on arrival before sitting exams in Mathematics, English and Verbal Reasoning which were approximately three hours in total.

The pupils then took part in a taster afternoon where they were able to experience life in School at BGS.

The girls took part in Dance, Drama, Geography, History, Latin and Music.

In History, the girls used ICT to design, create and print a personal Coat of Arms using symbols, colour and a motto which reflected their personality, interests and families.

In Latin, girls had lots of fun learning body parts in Latin, learning new words and singing. They also looked at the Latin etymology of many English words.

In Music, Miss Britton ran percussion workshops playing music inspired by Brazilian Samba music. The girls played polyrhythmic music and even incorporated a little bit of movement.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the girls' taster activities

The boys took part in activities in Art, Geography, History, ICT, Music and Religious Studies.

In Music, the boys took part in a Samba workshop, playing percussion instruments to recreate the music heard at the Rio di Janeiro 'Mardi Gras' Carnival.

In ICT, the boys learned how to programme robots to make specific movements before carrying out the tests towards the end of the session.

In History, the boys started with a collaborative drawing exercise in teams. Each member of the team had a short time to look at a detailed picture of a medieval castle, then try to reproduce it as accurately as possible together with his team mates. A Prefect decided which team produced the best copy.

After this, Mr Hone discussed the changing design of castles over the centuries and the special features which made life difficult for an attacker. These included the spiral staircase, whose unexpected advantages in a sword fight were demonstrated using the one in our LRC.

Clich here to view a photo gallery of the boys' taster activities