Fantastic university offers for BGS Sixth Form students

Fantastic university offers for BGS Sixth Form students

Bury Grammar School has received news of fantastic university offers for our Sixth Form students recently.

While the Oxbridge and Medicine offers take a lot of the headlines, we are of course proud of all of our university offer holders.

Kate H and Elizabeth E have received Oxbridge offers. Kate has been offered a place at the University of Cambridge to read History and Modern Languages. Elizabeth has been offered a place to read Physics at the University of Oxford.

BGS Principal, Mrs Anderson, said: "We are over the moon for Elizabeth and Kate who will make outstanding Oxbridge students. Both are genuinely fired up by a love of their subjects and are true scholars with a real thirst for knowledge and understanding. I have no doubt they will thrive at university!

"It's also important to point out that we have very many talented students with bright futures ahead who may not go down the Oxbridge route but who will be a real success in life."

Hassaan T and Ignacy K have been offered places at King's College London. Hassaan has been offered a place to study Dentistry and Iggy has been offered a place to study Medicine.

Mr A Watts, Head of the Science Faculty at BGS, said: "Both students are exceptionally motivated and thoroughly deserve their offers.

"We are so proud of them and wish them well with their studies beyond BGS."

Several of our girls have elected STEM subjects for their degree studies, and we are delighted to announce that they have all received multiple offers from universities including Sheffield, Lancaster, Loughborough, York, Birmingham and Warwick.

Beth, who is hoping to study Computer Science said, ‘I am thrilled with my offers, especially my unconditional offer to study for a masters degree at Lancaster University. I would like to thank Mrs Dowling in particular, who is incredibly supportive’

Anisha and Alex have offers to study Civil Engineering, Emma has offers for Environmental Engineering/ Geoscience and Maria has received offers for Computer Systems Engineering.

All of the girls would like to extend their thanks to Mrs Lewis for her continued support.

Mrs K Lewis, Assistant Head of the Science Faculty, said: "We're delighted that so many of our students enjoy STEM subjects and are receiving offers to study related courses at prestigious universities. Traditionally perceived as male subjects, girls at BGS are bucking national trends and we have thriving numbers of female scientists in all disciplines. Regardless of gender, we wish our aspiring Year 13 students all the best in their future STEM studies at university."

We are delighted with the number of offers the boys have received from prestigious universities for STEM subjects including Manchester, Loughborough, Birmingham, Lancaster, Liverpool and University College London.

Max, who is hoping to study Computer Science, said: "I am happy to have received my Lancaster offer to study Computer Science. I would like to thank Mr Meakin in particular for helping me every step of the way and for his unwavering support."

Jack, who hopes to read Physics, said: "It is great to have received offers from well-respected universities across the UK. Help from Physics teachers, including Mr Ahmad, has aided my development of key skills needed for competitive university STEM courses."

Tom also has offers for Computer Science, and Yanming and Mohammed have offers to read Pharmacy.

Head of Sixth Form, Mr S Prest, said: "As a school we are absolutely delighted with the offers that our boys have received for STEM subjects. The quality of the offers and the variety of subjects that our students wish to continue onto at university is a testament to the intellectual curiosity and hard work of our students and the dedication of their teachers. The success of our STEM candidates demonstrates that a BGS education is an excellent preparation for those young people who wish to play a leading role at the current edge of science and technology."

Many of our A Level Psychology students are hoping to continue their studies in this area to degree level. So far they have received offers from a variety of top UK universities, including Durham, Lancaster, Liverpool, York, Leeds and Manchester.

It is clear our Sixth Form Geographers have a love for travelling, as they have been successful in securing offers from all around the UK.

Lucy, Anna, Jack, Ben, Aliza, Misba, India and Emma have all received offers from top universities including Durham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

Ben, who has secured offers from Liverpool, Northumbria and Keele, said ‘I feel very privileged to have received several offers for competitive courses. I would like to thank Mrs Leaver for all of her help.’

Aliza has several offers, including from LSE, Nottingham and Kings College, London, she said ‘I am overjoyed to have received an offer from LSE as it is a very competitive course, with a high volume of applications. I am extremely grateful to Miss Tomkinson and Dr Yates as their support has been invaluable.’

Mrs C McDermott, Head of Psychology said ‘I am delighted with the range of competitive offers received for Psychology students at BGS. One of the greatest strengths of a Psychology degree is the enormous variety of career paths that are available to graduates. There is high demand for psychological professionals and the degree is the start of a deeply rewarding future where BGS students can make a real difference in other people's lives.’

Psychology student Jasmine said, ‘I am very happy with my offers to study a subject which I really enjoy. Thank you to Mrs McDermott and Mrs Tait Hanlon for supporting me through A Level Psychology.

Three of our creative Sixth Form students are celebrating after receiving offers from top UK universities including Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, York and Kent and specialist universities including Futureworks and Leeds Art Uni.

Isabella, who has offers to read Fashion Marketing, said ‘I am very happy with my offers to study what I am passionate about. I would like to thank the Art and Business departments for all the help and support.’

Nick said, ‘I am happy to receive my offers from Futureworks, Edge Hill and Leeds Art Uni to study animation with visual effects. I would like to thank Miss Gore and Mrs Kershaw for supporting me every step of the way.’

Amelia, who has received several offers to study Film Production and Drama, said ‘I would like to thank the Art and Drama departments for all the support they have given me. I am very happy with all my offers and cannot wait to study film and drama at university.’

Miss Gore, Head of Art & Design, said ‘ These are incredibly hard working students with a passion for the subjects. I wish them all the best in the next steps of their careers.’

Bury Grammar School are proud of our Sixth Form Students, Mariam, Kate, Sophie Joel and Amaan who have managed to secure in History offers from many prestigious UK universities including Cambridge, UCL, York, Sheffield, Newcastle and Lancaster.

Mariam hopes to study History & Modern Foreign Languages. She said ‘I would like to thank Mrs Bevis as well as Madame Banks for helping me through the application process. I am delighted to have received not just an offer but a scholarship from my first choice university, the University of Exeter’

Sophie, who has offers to study English and History, said ‘I am so excited to continue my studies at university. I would like to thank my History and English teachers for all their support.’

Joel has received offers to study History and Philosophy, he said ‘ I want to thank both the History and RS departments for helping me to achieve these offers. I would especially like to thank Mrs Bevis and Mrs Rumboldt for helping me with my UCAS application.’

Mrs Bevis, Head of History, said: "I am delighted that our students' keen interest and hard work has been rewarded by the offers they have received to read History with a variety of other challenging disciplines at some prestigious universities. I wish them every success with their examination in the summer term."

BGS Sixth Form students are delighted after receiving offers to study business and related subjects at many of the country’s top universities.

Stefan, Isabella, Sam, Jasmine, Jamie, Ellie, Harry, Ava, Joe, Seb and Charlotte have received offers to read subjects including Economics, Accounting & Finance, International Business, Business Management and Economics & Business at universities including York, Bath, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds Beckett.

Stefan said ‘I am excited to start my degree in Economics & Finance at the University of Leeds and would like to thank the Economics department for their continued support’

Ellie has offers to study International Business at the University of Leeds, she said ‘I have really enjoyed studying Economics and Business Studies at A Level and I am really happy with my offers to study International Business. The support I have received with my UCAS application has been invaluable.’

Mrs Whitlow, Head of Business & Economics in the Girls' School, said ‘It is really pleasing that so many students from the Economics & Business departments have chosen to pursue their university studies in this area. I know that many of them will go on to be the future leaders of industry and I am proud of all of them.’

Mrs J Anderson added: "As a School, one of our key aims is to encourage scholarship and a true love of learning: we are thrilled that all the signs show BGS is making magnificent strides in this area. Huge thanks must go to all the subject teachers and the Sixth Form Team for all the support they have given: successes such as these are the culmination of team work over a number of years."