Flawless ISI Inspection Report for Bury Grammar School

Flawless ISI Inspection Report for Bury Grammar School

Bury Grammar School is celebrating a flawless inspection report – the first time that BGS has been inspected as one school.

The School underwent a Regulatory Compliance Inspection in November 2018, the report of which is published today and the outcomes were the very best it is possible to achieve: BGS met the standards required in every area with no recommendations.

In the last two years, the School has come together as one educational establishment and the perfect inspection report is seen as an endorsement of this collaborative model. Inspectors give the School a clean bill of health in every area and the report acknowledges that GCSE and A Level results for both boys and girls – described as ‘above average’ in the previous two inspection reports when the schools were separate – are now described as ‘well above average’.

The soon to be 450 year old School has undergone several transformations in its long and distinguished history and, since 2017, teachers based in the Girls’ and Boys’ Seniors and Girls’ and Boys’ Juniors, have been working to common aims, sharing resources and ideas – with outstanding outcomes for its pupils, who now benefit from the expertise of a greater number of teachers and access to all facilities on its 45 acre site. And the ‘stronger together’ approach really does seem to be working.

The Senior Leadership Team are not surprised that results are going up: standards and expectations are raised each year and the philosophy is a simple one – happy pupils and talented and motivated teachers aim high and take a pride in doing well.

The eight inspection areas in which the School received a totally clean bill of health were:

  • Quality of education provided ‘At GCSE and A Level, performance is well above the national average of maintained schools’
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils  ‘Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils’
  • Welfare, health and safety of pupils
  • Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors 
  • Premises and accommodation
  • Provision of information 
  • Manner in which complaints are handled
  • Quality of leadership and management ‘The leadership and management demonstrate good skills and knowledge… and they actively promote the well-being of pupils’

Principal and Head of the Girls’ Seniors, Jo Anderson, says ‘I would like to congratulate our pupils, teachers and support staff on an excellent and well-deserved inspection report. We are proud of the journey Bury Grammar School has been on and of the young people who are so clearly thriving from everything we are able to offer.

While we are proud of being a 450 year old school, we are looking firmly to the future. Pupils are genuinely excited about our new Junior and Infant curriculum and the broad range of subjects offered in Year 7 and Year 8 – 19 in total - presents so many opportunities for our students to discover passions which may develop into life-long interests or stellar careers. We all place a high premium in these changing times on independence of thought and self-motivation: this is why we have introduced the HPQ – the Higher Project Qualification – from pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 to sit alongside their GCSE.

We anticipate that our pupils will be better prepared for university, apprenticeships and the world of work than ever before. Add this to the significant additional teaching time we have been able to offer at CGSE and A Level and you have an unbeatable combination. Exciting times for Bury Grammar School pupils!’

Vice Principal and Headmaster, Devin Cassidy, commented ‘We are delighted with the outcome from this inspection report and for the support which we have received from the whole BGS community, including parents, pupils and former pupils.
Visitors to the school often comment on the special atmosphere and I can say wholeheartedly that all of our pupils, from our Kindergarten to our Sixth Form, benefit from being in a school where relationships between pupils and between pupils and teachers are excellent.

We have happy pupils who are ready to learn and make significant progress – you can see this reflected in the public exam results. Our pupils are extremely well cared for by our expert pastoral teams who ensure that the safeguarding and changing needs of pupils are met as they grow up within the BGS community.

With established excellent academic outcomes and very well cared for pupils the School is certainly well placed to continue to go from strength to strength. It is a great time to be part of Bury Grammar School.’

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