Geography Landscape in a Box competition held

Geography Landscape in a Box competition held

Year 7 girls recently took part in the annual Geography Landscape in a Box competition recently.

The competition, for all Year 7s, marks the beginning of their Geography careers at BGSG.

Their fantastic 'boxes' were displayed for three weeks and were voted on at the Open Event.

The winner of this year's competition was Emily Holt in 7A for her brilliant creation of one of the largest trees in the World, a Giant Sequoia found in Sequoia National Park of California.

The runner-ups were Maya Patel and Reilly Carson, both also in 7A. Congratulations girls!

There was an excellent response from the girls and everyone should be congratulated for their efforts.

There were some outstandingly creative designs from coral reefs to the Burgh al-Arab in Dubai.

Volcanoes were popular as usual, as were boxes displaying the Houses of Parliament.

Each girl was asked to write a short piece that described their chosen landscape and what inspired them to choose that particular one.