Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 26/01/2018

Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 26/01/2018

Dear Parents,

This week the Young Shakespeare company delighted us with a wonderfully interactive rendition of The Tempest. From start to finish all the girls were mesmerised by the superb acting and energy of the fully interactive performance.

We are so proud of Hanna Rehman in 6K, not only did she save her mum’s life by performing first aid and calling an ambulance, she is now fronting a national campaign with the British Red Cross. The government are currently debating whether first aid should become part of the National Curriculum. Although we have always included first aid in our extra-curricular programme and as part of our assemblies throughout Key Stage One and Two, we do feel that it is a life skill that all children should learn and take into adult life. We fully support Hanna in her endeavours.

We congratulate the girls who have taken the entrance exam this week. We have every confidence in their success.

2K reminded us of how special we are as individuals and how much we could also accomplish as a team. They spoke beautifully throughout and their confidence shone. Well done 2K, what a lovely way to end the week!

Coming up:

Monday 29th January Mathletics Training - Parents 3pm to 3.30pm in the Infant School Library
Thursday 1st February Automatic - Year 4 girls
Thursday 1st February Holland meeting - 4pm in the Junior Girls' Music Room
Friday 2nd February 1K Class Assembly at 8.40am

Tuesday 6th February

Parents Forum - 3.30pm in the Infant School

Extra Swimming Lessons for Reception are Monday 29th January, Tuesday 6th February and Monday 12th February.

Kind regards,

Mrs Howard – On behalf of the Infant and Junior team