Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 29/06/2018

Girls' Junior School & Infant School update - 29/06/2018

Dear Parents,
‘We’re off to Neverland, second star to the right and straight on until morning!’

Our Junior girls were absolutely fantastic this week during their performances of Peter Pan. From solos to whole group performances, the audiences were captivated. They sang so beautifully and delivered their lines with real gusto … however, they were still the most lady-like pirates I’ve ever seen! The smiles on the children’s faces mirrored the audiences. It was amazing. A special thank you to Mrs Aylin and her amazing team and of course to parents for their fabulous costumes.

The Infants have had an author visit this week. Tom Percival came to speak to the children about his latest book… The children were enthralled and listened to his story telling with great delight. As I look around the room, I wonder if the children really understand at this age that the person in front of them actually wrote the book and marry the author with the person… these memories of course will stay with the children for a lifetime.

STEM Day this week was ‘out of this world’. A special thank you to Mrs Hankinson for all her hard work in organising another brilliant event. From a small idea of bringing engineering into school and possibly having a car in the playground… on Friday morning a helicopter circled the playground and landed to cheers of excitement on our school field. The children were thrilled. The playground was full with vintage cars, motorbikes, a tractor, a trailer unit, a van not to mention a rocket! We really do ‘think big’! The Infants, Junior Girls and Boys ventured outside to be overwhelmed with an array of engineering treats. The children were encouraged to sit in the vehicles and examine the wheels discussing how the vehicles move across land and skies. There are many times in a school day when I wish I was a child … and today was one of them.

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02.07.18 Induction Day (opportunity for parents to meet the teacher: Infants at 3.15pm Juniors & 3.30pm)
Junior School Sports Day at 1.30pm
Pirates Vs Mermaids - Infants Dress Rehearsal at 10am
Parents Forum 3.40 to 4.40pm
Pirates Vs Mermaids - Infant Concerts at 10am & 2pm
Year 6 Disco 6.30pm Boys’ Junior School 
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Kind regards,
Mrs Howard – On behalf of the Infant and Junior team.