Girls' Junior School and Infants Update - 12/01/2018

Girls' Junior School and Infants Update - 12/01/2018

Dear Parents,

This ‘New Year’ was warmly welcomed into School by a hearty whole School Assembly about ‘New Year Celebrations and Resolutions!’. As Robert Burns wrote in 1788, ‘We’ll take a cup of kindness yet’ underpinned the theme of our morning. The children enthused about their holidays and busy family gatherings with love and laughter being central to their celebrations. We talked about new beginnings and ‘hope’ for a bright, invigorating new term. Hope of course being integral to being happy, inquisitive and brave. I hope we have many adventures this term, taking on new challenges where we make some mistakes along the way so we can learn and grow. If we are making mistakes we are doing things we have never done before!

There were some very interesting suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions, from getting up earlier (if that is possible) to eating healthier… even working harder on Home Learning was suggested! What is clear is we are ready and equipped for a new start. Whilst bidding farewell to last year we recognise we have lots of exciting things to look forward to in the coming months. As winter starts to fade and spring time is on the horizon, this is the time to look forward. With our new year’s resolutions firmly in place and hope in our hearts we move on to embrace the fresh new term with deserving enthusiasm.

We would like to welcome two new members of staff; Mrs Dixon who will be teaching Music and Mrs Barron who will be our new swimming teacher. We wish them both every success.

Parents Forecast sheets will be going out by pupil post on Friday 12th January. This is to give you a guide about what is coming up in the curriculum, if you have any questions please contact your child’s Form teacher, they will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Coming up:

Thursday 18th January

Parent Forum - 3.30pm in the Infant School

Friday 19th January 6N Class Assembly at 8.40am
Thursday 25th January Entrance Exam Day

Kind regards,

Mrs Howard – On behalf of the Infants and Junior School team