Girls' Junior School and Infants Update - 15/12/2017

Girls' Junior School and Infants Update - 15/12/2017

Dear Parents,

‘5 Lovely roast spuds sitting on my plate

4 Crunchy carrots looking really great

3 Sizzling sausages golden brown

2 lovely parsnips, pass the gravy round

Tasty turkey, beans and peas

What’s this thing that’s round and green?

1 brussel sprout - 1 smelly sprout – 1 thing I could do without!

1 green, smelly, soggy brussel sprout!’

… Chorused the Infant children opening their festive fun-filled ‘Cock-a-doodle Christmas’ Concert! I couldn’t agree more and looking at the audience’s reaction – they did too! Parent’s faces echoed the children’s beaming smiles and the costumes and sequences were a sight to behold. What a delightful way to launch Christmas. Thank you to the staff who have worked tirelessly and to the children who were amazing remembering all the words to songs and scripts.

The Junior Girls’ rendition of Silent Night in German was wonderful, the ukulele group were charming and the choreographed modern dancers were so graceful. The choir sang beautifully and the audience joined the children singing along to ‘White Christmas’ bringing a Christmassy feel to the evening. Thank you to the staff for creating a magical evening and to all the girls for their performances.

We are looking forward to Pre-School’s ‘Mr Gruffalo’s Christmas’ and Reception’s ‘Angel Express’ performances next week. I am sure they will be absolutely charming!

A huge thank you to parents who have provided costumes for the concerts, they are very much appreciated. Thank you again to all the staff for their valued efforts and dedication in making these special moments happen, and encouraging the children to shine and enjoy these memorable occasions in their school lives. A special thank you to Mrs Lord who has been an integral part of the concerts and a great inspiration to the children.

Monday 18 December

Pre-School Dress Rehearsal - 10am

Reception Dress Rehearsal - 2pm

Tuesday 19 December 

Reception Concert - 10am

Pre-School Concert - 2pm

Thank you to the Parents Association for all their continued support particularly during this busy time.

Reports have been issued this week, please remember to return the reply slip as your responses are valued.

Kind regards,

Mrs Howard – On behalf of the Infants and Junior School team