Girls' Senior School celebrate British Science Week

Girls' Senior School celebrate British Science Week

The BGS Girls' Senior School celebrated British Science Week this week and tied it in with International Women's Day.

Year 7 girls discussed important female scientists as part of the events being combined.

Some girls researched female scientists and others were given information on key women in science to hopefully inspire them and show that a career in science is certainly not just for men.

Scientists considered included the biologist Rosalind Franklin who contributed to the discovery of DNA, the chemist Marie Curie who discovered new elements and worked extensively in the new field of radioactivity, and the astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered radio pulsars.

In Physics Club, to celebrate British Science Week, they decided to create a competitive marble run, inspired by the GMEC 2018 Marble Run Challenge.

Two teams, one of Years 9-11 pupils and one of Year 7 pupils, had 50 minutes to produce a path for a marble; the winning team would be the one whose path took the longest time to traverse.

Using everyday materials, such as toilet roll tubes, corrugated card, sellotape and empty drinking bottles, the two teams worked enthusiastically to produce their creations!

In the end it was the team of older pupils who were victorious - their marble run took 9.56 seconds whereas the Year 7 team took only 5.82 seconds. Well done to all girls who took part in this challenge of science, engineering and technology!

On Thursday pupils were also given GCSE Science revision guides and workbooks. We hope these will be a useful additional resource for our KS4 students in preparing for their upcoming exams. Good luck girls!