Girls' Sports Report - 24/05/2019

Girls' Sports Report - 24/05/2019


Congratulations to the Year 10 and Year 8 Rounders Teams.

Both teams were victorious in their rounders fixture against strong Woodhey sides on Tuesday night.

The teams were asked to bat with conviction and run with confidence to build up their overall totals.

The fixture also provided the opportunity to practice different fielding combinations ahead of the upcoming Bury Rallies.

Year 8 won 13-8 and the Year 10 team held their nerve in the last few balls to secure a 12 1/2- 12 win.

Well done, girls!

In addition, the Year 10 team competed in the Bury Rally on Wednesday night at Philips High school. The team progressed to the semi finals due to precise and quick fielding but narrowly missed out on reaching the final, losing 4-3 to Philips.