Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 01/12/2017

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 01/12/2017

Dear Parents

I was privileged to witness a wonderful class assembly from Year 5 Emerald this morning. The theme was ‘Heroes’. Not only did the boys deliver lines with great clarity and enjoyment, it was clear that they have developed fantastic confidence in the Junior School. When I look back to my own school days, I am not sure I would have been able to stand up in front of the whole school and parents, dressed as a damsel in distress, a super hero, or wearing my underpants on the outside of my trousers! I often talk about the incredible self-confidence that the boys develop at BGSB and today was great evidence to support the fact that your sons are not only confident, but have an ability to laugh at themselves; something that many adults cannot seem to muster! On leaving the assembly, talking to a set of parents, I was informed that the assembly had given them a real feel-good factor; what a way to start a Friday! For the record, all of the boys said their heroes were their mums, dads and family members – no great power comes without great responsibility!

Christmas is well and truly upon us. The tree has been decorated by Year 3 (a very excitable task), classroom decorations have been appearing, and news has reached me that there have been sightings of two elves who will be appearing on a daily basis! In their spare time, boys have also been creating decorations to adorn the Infant Hall for our Winter Wonderland event that is taking place on 7th December during the school day. Boys will have the opportunity to go across to take in the festivities during the morning; there is even a real life reindeer in attendance. The event is aimed at our own preschool families, as well as providing an opportunity for those who do not currently come to BGS with a chance to see our school. Our musical Junior School boys will be singing and playing at the event.

Learning outside of the classroom was in operation again this week, as Year 3 visited Manchester Museum as part of their Ancient Egyptian topic. I am reassured that the boys got a huge amount out of the visit and I know that the Museum staff were incredibly impressed with the boys recall of knowledge and understanding of events and life thousands of years ago. Well done Year 3! 

All of the events I have mentioned, as well as other news stories from the Junior School can be found in the further news section; don’t forget to have a read!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr Turner
Head of Junior School