Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 19/10/2017

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 19/10/2017

Dear Parents

Flash Bang! What a week of Science fun the boys have experienced this week! The half term was brought to an incredible close with creation of chromatographs, coloured explosions, awesome Aurora Barealis presentations, rapping colour mixers and a rainbow on the playground! Science is well and truly alive at BGS Junior School! Boys and girls from all key stages took part in a variety of activities and very much enjoyed visiting our different sites across the BGS campus. A special thank you to all the staff who have been involved in organising such a fabulous and informative week!

Continuing on the Science theme, our Year 5s visited Jodrell Bank, exploring space and the planets. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the variety of experiences they took part in and looked exhausted on their return to school. You can read more about this visit in our further news link.

The clubs programme continues to go from strength to strength. Whether it be climbing walls or learning languages, the boys have been afforded a myriad of opportunities beyond the confines of the classroom. Again, you can read much more about our clubs and some fabulous learning experiences in lessons on the further news link.

On Monday I spoke to the boys about the weather. It has been an incredibly unusual week of weather with a hurricane and a red sun caused by sand in the atmosphere. I specifically focused on the forecasting of weather and how making forecasts was a difficult task. The tenuous link to making forecasts about our own futures was then addressed! When I was at primary school I would certainly not have forecast a future involving carrying on going to school for the rest of my working life, never mind being a head teacher. We can all make forecasts but they are not always accurate. There are forks in the road every day; we make life choices, often without particularly realising that we are creating new opportunities for ourselves. The boys in the Junior School are in the enviable position of being able to make an incredible amount of forecasts about their own futures and are very much the masters of their own destinies. I hope that in each and every decision they make, whether it be to try a new activity, to knuckle down with some difficult work, or just to make the right choice in the face of adversity, that they make decisions that in the future they can look back on with pride.

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable half term break.

Mr Turner