Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 10/11/2017

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 10/11/2017

Dear Parents

Welcome back to school in what is probably the most magical time in a primary school environment. We may well be able to ‘deck our hall with bows of holly’ in the run up to our Christmas festivities, but I am positive that the boys are under no illusion that this is an exceptionally important half term in which we continue to deliver the finest education and will able to judge progress that has been made since they started in September. I am delighted that they have started the half term with a renewed focus and application.

It was lovely to welcome you to our Parents’ Evenings this week. I hope that you found the move to two evenings an agreeable one, in what was another attempt to support our parent body through offering choice. My staff have fed back that the evenings went well from their perspective and I sincerely hope that this was the case from the other side of the desk! Please do get in contact with a staff member or myself if there is anything further that we can do to provide information about your son’s educational journey.

It seems as though our Year 4 boys had a wonderful time on Thursday when they visited Chester as part of their topic work on The Romans. There are plenty of photographs and a brief account in our further news section. In there you can also find information about our Languages Club, Board Games Club, what Dragons Den-Year 6-and electrical circuits have in common, Year 5 volcano antics, and some wonderful examples of Year 3 home learning! As always, we are exceptionally busy!

We also joined forces with BGSG Year 6 on Thursday, as four of our outstanding mathematicians created a super team to compete in a local Maths Challenge in Bury. More news to follow on how they got on…

Finally, today marked the start of our assembly programme for the academic year. Year 6 parents joined us in school for a poignant assembly that focused on Remembrance Day.

I am always delighted by the boys’ ability to stand and deliver in front of different audiences and was pleased to see the eclectic nature of our assembly programme where we can tackle many different aspects of history, current affairs and curriculum themes. The Last Post was played by returning old boy, Dominic Ferguson; thank you. The Junior School also stood in silence at 11am to pay our respects.

Have a restful weekend.

Mr Turner
Head of Junior School