Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 17/11/2017

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School Update - 17/11/2017

Dear Parents

In the Junior School this week, there has been a focus on the National Anti-Bullying Event which helps to raise awareness of what bullying is and how we can stop it. Monday’s assembly was delivered by Mrs Howard, Head of Year 7 and PSHEE coordinator. The theme of ‘All different. All Equal’ was addressed and the boys were given a lesson on how we are unique and also how to bake a cake with very different ingredients; please do ask them to explain how this fit into the anti-bullying week; I’d be interested to hear the responses! Thank you to Mrs Howard for a thought-provoking assembly.

The Junior School has been as busy as ever this week with a variety of terrific tasks going on both inside and outside of the classroom. Absolutely the most enjoyable from my personal perspective was the tasting session in Mrs Melia’s language club. Boys were given the opportunity to test out their linguistic skills whilst asking for traditional German food and drink. The boys were kind enough to allow me to sample their sweets, chocolates, cakes and drinks and I was impressed by their obvious zest for the German language. Vielen Dank to the boys, Mrs Melia and our language assistant, Nadine.

There has been an awful lot of independent learning going on this week, as well as some fabulous work being sent to me (along with the boy who created it!) for Head Teacher Awards. These awards are an opportunity for boys to receive recognition beyond that from the classroom teacher and I see them as a vital part of the school arena.

Being spoken to in the Head’s office was rarely a good thing in my distant memory, but I can honestly say I see more boys for positive reasons than any other. It is vital to recognise effort as well as the final product and boys may receive awards for this also.

I have also been delighted to see a great deal of support being offered to boys when they are struggling with a new concept or skill. Ensuring that the boys are supported as they learn is key; we don’t always get it right first time and this certainly stays true as we become adults. Therefore, encouraging a culture where boys know that it is ok to ask for help and that this isn’t a failing, is one that the staff in the Junior School most certainly support.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mr Turner