Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 09/03/2018

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 09/03/2018

Dear Parents

It was good to return to somewhat normality this week, although the weather once again tried to foil our re-arranged Parents’ Evening. Fortunately the snow on the hills subsided and we were able to go ahead. As always, I am delighted to welcome parents into school and hear your thoughts. Talking through the positives alongside the areas for potential development always provides reflection material and I was pleased that so many parents popped over to see me for a chat.

This week has been one of a musical nature in the Junior School. Our boys performed admirably in the AJIS Music Festival on Tuesday (returning as last year’s winners), singing their hearts-out in a fiercely-contested competition. I was unfortunately unable to attend the event due to being on a course in London, but I reliably informed by Mrs Norman that the boys gave it their all and were applauded for their outstanding contribution and the fact they sang with smiles on their faces (no mean feat!). Congratulations to all the boys who took part and I look forward to hearing how we competed again at this afternoon's Ramsbottom Music Festival, a competition we have won for the previous 3 years in succession!

Sport fixtures have taken a bit of a hammering recently due to the weather. Cross country has not been able to go ahead and we had the rugby postponed on us on today. However, I am hopeful, given we are in Spring (!), that fixtures will be going ahead in the coming week. Please find out more in Mr Sheikh’s report in the further news section.

A reminder please once again to all parents. If for any reason you arrive after 8.40am, please do not drop off your son in the playground, as staff and boys may well have entered the building for registration at this point. The gates may be open but you should ensure that you take your son to the main school office to sign in so that they are safely escorted into the Junior School building. Please also ensure that your son is not allowed to enter the building before 8am. There are no staff on duty before this point and we cannot register or supervise boys appropriately. These are highly important safeguarding measures in place for the well-being of your son; please help us to enforce them. Thank you.

And finally, I am delighted to report that your sons continue to display positive attitudes to their learning and towards manners around the school. I have awarded a number of Head Teacher Awards throughout the week for some outstanding examples of sustained efforts across a variety of subjects. Furthermore, the continued use of positive manners, holding open doors, and general politeness of the boys reminds me just how proud I am to be the Head of BGSB Junior School. Keep up the great efforts, boys!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mr Turner

Head of Junior School