Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 16/02/2018

Head of BGS Boys' Junior School update - 16/02/2018

Dear Parents

It has seemed an exceptionally long half term mainly owing to the vast array of trips, clubs, events, visitors and learning that has been packed into six weeks! The culmination of this term saw the #ILoveArt week exhibition take place in the Junior School hall. Many invited guests were present along with our own supportive parents in order to showcase the art work that has been created whilst also supporting the NSPCC. I hope you managed to purchase your limited edition ‘1 of 1’ art piece by your son – there will never be another one like it! My sincere thanks to Erin Anderson, Darren Hartley and the Year 10 Art students for coming in to work with the boys throughout the week.

I am always delighted to see our pupils ‘in action’ and was thrilled by the wonderful assemblies from the previous two Fridays. The fact that our boys can stand up and deliver lines with clarity and confidence is testament to the ethos promoted in the school of providing opportunities to deliver to a variety of audiences. Indeed, I have observed a number of lessons this week where boys have confidently delivered answers and tackled problems with a thought process of ‘I can do it’! This positive attitude is a pleasure to behold from boys aged 7 to 11 and one that I am genuinely delighted to see across the school every day. The confidence is even displayed beyond the end of the school day, with boys leading the languages club and delivering to their peers. Well done to all involved.

During today’s assembly, Year 4 acted out a play about the Chinese New Year and at one point, looked into the distance to an imaginary river. It was at this point that half of the school turned around to look for that same river at the back of the hall. We should never forget just how privileged we are to work with children who have such vivid imaginations. It is our job to nurture and develop these imaginations to help the boys to be creative as they continue their educational journey.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for your continued support throughout this year and wish you all a relaxing half term break. A reminder that school reopens for pupils on Tuesday 27th February after our INSET day for staff on the Monday.

Have a lovely break.

Mr Turner

Head of Junior School