James Frith MP delivers first Roger Kay Lecture

James Frith MP delivers first Roger Kay Lecture

James Frith, Labour MP for Bury North, was welcomed into School by students and staff alike on before half term.

He addressed a crowd of students, ranging from years 7 to 13, and gave an inspiring speech addressing the value of politics in the United Kingdom and how lucky we are that we have such a democratic form of government.

James discussed his own view of politics, emphasising his focus on empathy and on helping, supporting, and doing good for ‘the many’, in addition to expressing his pride in representing Bury North in parliament.

After his engaging speech he tackled many questions, from those which were more localised (“what are you going to do about the pot holes on Bridge Road?”) to those which concerned international affairs (“what do you think about the situation in Iraq?”).

Students later commented on his charisma and energy, and many were particularly impressed and reassured by his affirmation of being a feminist, “100%”.

It was clear that whilst James’ politics did not, perhaps, speak for all of the students and teachers who attended his talk, he did inspire many to consider what politics means to them, and to think more deeply about their own worldview, and the changes they would like to see.

Over the course of his visit James was given the grand tour of both the Boys’ and Girls’ School, in addition to meeting and talking with Isobel, Kate, Amaan, and Hashim, Sixth Formers who took part in the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ project, and who are now ambassadors for the Holocaust Educational Trust.

James was an affable and talkative guest, and it is clear from the student response after his talk that his words had been thought-provoking and valuable to everyone who listened.

We are very grateful that James took time out of his schedule to address the school, and hope that he felt welcomed (and sufficiently challenged!) by the BGS community.

Written by sixth formers Eryn Reiss and Alice Cromey