Local Education Authority Early Years Funding

Bury Grammar School participates in the Early Education and Childcare (EEC) funding scheme for 3 to 4 year olds and works with the Local Authority in its administration.
EEC is available to all pupils in Fledglings, Cygnets and Reception, for all or part of the School year depending on age.
Reduction in the School’s fees by the funding is subject to the scheme’s rules and the continuation nationally of this funding for 3 and 4 year olds.  This means that at any time funding may not be available.
Each ‘funding year’ runs from April to March and is not concurrent with the School year.  Changes to the scheme may therefore be implemented part way through the School year.
 The outline of the funding is as follows:
  • The entitlement is currently 15 hours per week;
  • As the number of weeks in each term varies, the amount of funding varies each term, so that the fees payable each term will vary;
  • The School operates on a 34 week year.  Funding is available for 38 weeks and parents can access their remaining entitlement with other providers if they wish to do so.

Please note that the School does not offer the free entitlement on a standalone basis. Bury Grammar School is a fee paying school and the EEC scheme reduces the fee payable on a termly basis. This means that parents who only wish to access free entitlement cannot send their children to Bury Grammar School but will be able to access the free entitlement through other providers in the borough.

Childcare Vouchers

The Bury Grammar Schools accept childcare vouchers for the following:

  • Fledglings & Cygnets:  Tuition fees including Breakfast & After School Club and Holiday Club;
  • Reception:  Breakfast & After School Club and Holiday Club.

We are registered with a number of providers and are willing to consider registering with other companies.

Any payment of fees by vouchers is subject to the provision of the parent contract, in that fees must be paid by direct debit.

Parents wishing to use childcare vouchers are asked to make arrangements with the Bursar’s Office in advance by calling 0161 696 8600 or bursarsinfo@burygrammar.com.