Old Boy John Minshull delivers the second Roger Kay Lecture

Old Boy John Minshull delivers the second Roger Kay Lecture

By Mariam Khan (12C)

Our second Roger Kay lecture was delivered by Old Boy, John Minshull, on Monday 12th March who spoke about his career as a pharmacist and healthcare professional.

John spoke to an audience of 100 pupils ranging from Years 7-13 about how pharmacy has become the fastest growing area of healthcare.

He spoke about how pharmacists look at the implications, design and use of medicine and the wider range of sciences you encounter when studying for a pharmacy degree such as pharmacology, biology, medical chemistry and therapeutics.

John attended BGSB from the years 1995-2002 and spoke in depth about his journey from being at BGSB to becoming a pharmacist.

He also spoke about his extensive research that he made whilst studying abroad in Australia and Egypt to see how pharmacy operates in foreign countries.

After this, John went on to mention the area in which he works, which is medical trials and testing different medicines.

John also works in medical policy wherein he looks at cost-effective solutions of prescribing medicines and the economic principles of medical supplies.

During the talk, John was faced with interesting follow-up questions from both the lower and upper school students which ranged from "what do pharmacists do to prevent prescription errors and what systems are in place to prevent this?" to "what personal qualities should a pharmacist have?" and "could it be possible to prescribe e-cigarettes as a healthcare intervention?".

One student who attended the talk thought how it was particularly interesting to learn about how the role of the pharmacist has changed and how it continues to do so, especially with the mention that some of the pharmaceutical roles in ten years’ time haven’t even been created yet.

Towards the end of the talk, John moved to inspire and encourage the students with the exciting thought that the pupils present in the talk could potentially be the future pharmacists that “create the drugs that keep us alive". John further encouraged students with an interest in medicine to look at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

The BGS Roger Kay Lectures programme invites professionals from a variety of industries to deliver short lectures to our Senior Schools and Sixth Form pupils.

The aim of these exciting talks is to inspire a deeper understanding of life beyond academia and to help pupils understand where studying a certain discipline could lead them.

If you would like to register your interest or find out any more information, please email communications@burygrammar.com.