Old Clavian delivers Mathematics talk to Years 10-12

Old Clavian delivers Mathematics talk to Years 10-12

On Tuesday 20th March, Dr John Sherwood, Old Clavian and Director of Mathematical Studies at Newnham College and Corpus Christi College visited the school to talk to Years 10-12 about studying mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

It had been 46 years since Dr Sherwood left Bury Grammar Sixth Form to embark on his own mathematics degree at Cambridge. Having completed his undergraduate degree he then went on to obtain a PhD in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge and subsequently entered industry, working in the field of fluid dynamics. He then returned to academia, accepting posts back at Cambridge.

Dr Sherwood provided students with a fascinating insight into the selection and interview process, along with a thorough description of undergraduate life and studies in Cambridge colleges. There was also time for a taste of mathematical content with students invited to consider the effect of function alterations on a trigonometric graph.

This was a brilliant opportunity for the students to hear from a current Oxbridge Director of Studies who had been in their exact position when deciding on his future away from Bury Grammar in his youth.

For Dr Sherwood it was also an opportunity for him to see his old school and how it has changed over the last few decades. As you can imagine, some parts are unrecognisable but others were instantly familiar and Dr Sherwood was delighted to discuss his Bury Grammar memories.

We all hope that Dr Sherwood's discussion and insight will see some of the students present at his talk studying maths at Cambridge - maybe even with him - in the near future.