Reception read about the Three Little Pigs

Reception read about the Three Little Pigs

Reception K recently read about the story of the Three Little Pigs.

The class received a very special letter which read:
'Dear Reception K, 

You may have seen that the Big Bad Wolf has blown my house down. I am a little bit worried about building a new house. Please could you help me? 

Could you have a go at building me a house? Maybe you could write me a list of what I will need and some instructions telling me what to do. 

Thank you so much for your help. 

Lots of love, 
The Littlest Pig”

Reception K quickly got to work. They went outside and worked in teams to have a go at building the Littlest Pig a new house. 

They thought about what a house has and how they could make sure the Littlest Pig would be safe from the Big Bad Wolf. The children made some fabulous houses.

Afterwards they headed back inside to begin to write their lists and instructions. The children did some amazing work. 

As well as building houses and writing instructions they did the following activities:
• Sequencing the story of the Three Little Pigs
• Sorting materials to help the Pigs decide what to make their houses out of
• Making 2D and 3D houses using cocktail sticks and jelly beans
• Doing a ‘Huff and Puff’ experiment to see which objects could be moved
• Designing and labelling new houses for the Pigs