Record numbers at 2018 Open Events

Record numbers at 2018 Open Events

The BGS Open Events 2018 were more popular than ever, with a record number of visitors attending to explore all areas of our campus. 

Our Open Events are always exciting, as our pupils and staff are very proud of our School and they are keen to show visitors exactly what makes BGS so special. 

Every department was alive with activities and current pupils and visitors alike enjoyed experimenting in the Science labs, competing for the top spot on the maths leader board, or having a bash on a drum kit or a blast of a trumpet in our Music Departments. 

Maggot racing, heart dissection and sampling tasty snacks such as snails in Modern Foreign Languages were perhaps for those of us with stronger stomachs! 


The atmosphere across all areas of School was vibrant and it was very clear that everyone was enjoying themselves. 

We were thrilled to receive so many compliments from our visitors about our pupils who were showing them around or helping out in departments. 

Our School has amazing facilities, a rich history and wonderful buildings, but it is our pupils who really bring it to life and form the heart of School. 

The video at the top of the page gives a snapshot of the Open Events and successfully captures the atmosphere around School. 

We hope that you enjoy it – it is well worth watching!