Safer Internet Day - BGS advice

Safer Internet Day - BGS advice


Tuesday 6 February 2018 is Safer Internet Day. 

With this in mind, BGS would like to share a few tips to help parents keep their children safe online:

• If your child uses any form of social media, encourage them to check their privacy settings on a regular basis, or check their privacy settings with them. Ensure that any contacts that they have are real friends and not just acquaintances or friends of friends.

• Be aware of games or gaming sites that allow contact to others via the internet and ensure that your child is only connecting with people they know. For more advice on online gaming, please visit -

• Ensure that your child is aware of the law regarding indecent images. It is illegal to create, possess or distribute images of a person under the age of 18. If you are aware that your child has sent or has been sent an indecent image, please contact school for support or contact the police to report the matter.

• If your child is experiencing unwanted contact from an unknown person, grooming or any incidence of being asked for or forced to send indecent images or videos, this must be reported to CEOP via the CEOP reporting page -

If you have any concerns or questions about any issue relating to your child’s safety online, there are a large number of websites with helpful information or places to go for support. 

Netaware ( is a fantastic site, which gives a very simple overview and risk rating of the most popular apps and games that children are using and provides helpful advice about keeping children safe. 

NSPCC also provide a lot of support for parents about children sharing things online through their ‘Share Aware’ campaign -

And as part of the partnership between NSPCC and O2, parents can take a device to any O2 shop and ask for an appointment with a guru, who can show them how to set up safety settings.