Senior Boys visit Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums

Senior Boys visit Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums

On Wednesday 21st March, 39 Art students travelled to London to visit Tate Modern and Tate Britain.

The Year 10 students worked through selected tasks focussing on paintings and sculpture; Year 11 developed their examination component; Year 12 investigated art which influences them - provoking ideas for their up-coming Personal Investigation component and Year 13 students clarified their artists research and thematic responses for their current examination project.

As ever, the students worked hard (including studying Maths past papers on the train home!) and interacted well with the culture they saw.

Certain students opted to see the All Too Human exhibition, which celebrates the painters in Britain who strove to represent human figures, their relationships and surroundings.

This collection of work features artists including Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon alongside rarely seen work from their contemporaries including Frank Auerbach and Paula Rego. Three important works by Francis Bacon will be shown in the UK for the first time in at least three decades.

I want the paint to work as flesh does - Lucian Freud, 2009

The trip was a fantastic success and the pupils should be commended for their attitude to learning and conduct throughout the day. On behalf of all the pupils, I’d like to say thank you to Miss Cawtherley and Miss Frisby for accompanying us on the trip.