Senior Girls' Prize Giving held in the Roger Kay Hall

Senior Girls' Prize Giving held in the Roger Kay Hall

We were delighted to hold our Prize Giving for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 on Thursday 5th July at 8.50am in our much-loved Roger Kay Hall.

Form prizes were awarded for the highest academic achievement this year alongside a prize for effort and a prize for progress in each form.

Following this every subject awarded a prize in every year group to acknowledge commendable success in that particular area.

This was followed by the awarding of colours in Music to acknowledge the amazing contribution made by our talented musicians to the music played in our school.

Click here to see the full list of prize and award winners

Click here to see the full list of PE Colours

Colours were also awarded in Physical Education to reward those who have made a very significant contribution to the variety of sports played in and for our school.

Certificates for outstanding success in external competitions including The British Physics Olympiad, the Royal Society of Biology Challenge and the Junior and Intermediate Mathematical challenges were also presented.

We are enormously proud of the achievements of our students and we were very pleased to celebrate their success at this Prize Giving Assembly which gave us the opportunity to present prizes to more students than in previous years.

We are looking forward to celebrating our first Prize Giving event for current Years 12 and 13 on September 20th 2018. Personal invites will be despatched in the next week to the pupils and their families.