Senior Girls take part in Chemquiz at Manchester Metropolitan University

Senior Girls take part in Chemquiz at Manchester Metropolitan University

On Thursday 21st June, a team of girls attended the Chemquiz at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The team members were: Isabelle and Taanya in Year 8; Madiha in Year 9 and Clarissa in Year 10.

Madiha writes:

We were delighted to have been selected to represent school at the Chemquiz as we all share a keen interest in Chemistry. In our first activity, we watched six demonstrations and had to answer questions relating to them. We watched burning balloons filled with hydrogen and experiments that involved dry ice, accompanied by many deafening bangs to keep us on the edge of our seats!

We then made our way up the Chemistry tower, to one of the university laboratories, where our second activity took place. As a team we were using red cabbage water to test which samples of soil were acidic and alkaline, subsequently finding out which sample would be ideal for growing crops. We worked efficiently together and we scored 10/10 for teamwork!

After lunch, we were in a lecture hall answering some Chemistry quiz questions. We were satisfied and confident with our answers.

Although we did not win anything, we had a very enjoyable day at the university where we experienced so many great things, especially working in the laboratory. Overall, we had a fun time and saw that there really is much more to Chemistry than drawing diagrams of atoms or learning about the reactivity series!