Senior Girls take part in Graphene workshop

Senior Girls take part in Graphene workshop

Bury Grammar School were delighted to welcome three members of the University of Manchester's world-famous Graphene group into school on Friday. 

Two professors at the University of Manchester won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for their experimental work on graphene, an allotrope of carbon which is related to graphite, so it was a real privilege to meet three current researchers working in the field. 

We heard a brief discussion of the properties and possible applications of this exciting material which range from treating water to making faster computers and flexible electronics. 

Over 30 students then had the chance to participate in two hands-on activities where they firstly made some graphene for themselves which they looked at under a microscope, and then they investigated some of its special electrical properties. 

The session ended with a fun quiz and a selection of goodies, including branded graphene sweets, being given out!

The feedback from our students was extremely positive - a big thank you to the Graphene outreach team for supporting us with our science super-curricular programme!