Senior Research Scientist speaks to pupils about Neuroimaging

Senior Research Scientist speaks to pupils about Neuroimaging

We were delighted to welcome Dr Shane Mckie in to talk to our pupils in Year 10 and above this week about his field of expertise Neuroimaging. 

A senior research scientist based in the Neuroscience and Psychiatry Unit of the University of Manchester, Dr Mckie currently studies magnetic resonance imaging. 

He began his talk with a description of the main types of medical imaging, from ultrasound scans to PET scans before going on to describe briefly how MRI scanners work and their uses. We were interested to learn the reason why the part of the brain dealing with vision is located far from the eyes at the back of the brain and also learnt a little about how the brains of depressed people can be different from those not suffering from depression. His discussion of the brains of some criminals, and associated ethical implications, was also fascinating. We all particularly enjoyed Dr Mckie's Lego model and his active tasks which demonstrated to use how different areas of the brain have different roles. The talk ended with a description of his own background in STEM and it was interesting to our students to see the variety of career opportunities in the field. 

Next month in our series of talks on science careers, we welcome Brian Walton from BAM Nutall in to talk to us about his work in Civil and Railway Engineering which we are sure will be just as enlightening. 

All students in Years 10 and above are welcome to attend on the 5th December in L13 at 1.15pm.