Senior girl gains work experience with the United Nations

Senior girl gains work experience with the United Nations

'This summer, I had the invaluable opportunity to spend a week in Geneva, Switzerland with the United Nations and their many agencies to partake in a week of work experience.

Although flying to Geneva with people I hadn’t met before was initially a daunting aspect, it ended up being the most inspiring week of my life which completely changed my perspective on many things, including my future career. From the United Nations Development Programme to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, I was made aware of a variety of global concerns such as the pressing issues of child labour and, even more so, the huge impacts of climate change. As an aspiring Human Geographer myself, I found the presentation by the UN Refugee Agency the most fascinating as the speaker, who had worked in the field with the UN for 20 years, spoke with so much passion about what the UN does to help them.

Not only has this amazing experience driven me to help make change in the world in the future but also shown me the importance of languages for working internationally, inspiring me to carry on learning German but also to pick up Arabic in the near future, which is one of the six official languages of the UN.

Overall I had an incredible week with the chance to make new friends but also managed to receive many resources from all the agencies and their contact details for further enquiries about anything I learnt!'

Aliza - Year 13