Success for sixth formers in SCI-CAST competition

Success for sixth formers in SCI-CAST competition

On Tuesday 19th June, a team of Sixth Formers, Emma Bartley, Sanjush Dalmia, Elizabeth Ealing, Bethany Lindley-Garrick, Athar Nawaz and Hashim Tahir competed in the SCI-CAST competition at Manchester University. 

This competition, run by the Manchester Branch of the British Science Association involved making a one minute video about the relevance of scientific research to them. 

The students met with an academic from the University who described his research on micro-plastics, inspiring them to make a video about the problems of our use of plastics in society.

The team were delighted to be awarded first prize for their video; the judges said that ‘they were astounded by the quality of their work’. 

The students learned much about the importance of communication in science.