UCAS season in full swing

UCAS season in full swing

This week our Year 13 students continued to send of their UCAS applications and offers continued to come in, much to the delight of students and staff - and no doubt parents too! 

Physics at the University of Bristol, Equine Management at the Royal Agricultural University and Psychology at the University of Liverpool were just few of the offers received this week.

The applications sent out this week have confirmed to me what a wonderful set of young people we have at BGS.

The personal statements I have been reading were genuinely personal and - despite saying I wanted the word banned - they also conveyed the genuine passion our students have for their chosen degrees.

I was hugely impressed by the amount our students have engaged with their subjects outside the classroom: volunteering, wider reading, lectures and summer schools were all discussed by students and are valued by universities.

The offers received this week have also confirmed the real value of the Extended Project Qualification and our policy of completing it in Year 12.

Not only does it give our students the chance to impress admissions tutors with the research they have done, but we are seeing that institutions are making lower offers to those students who achieve As and A*s in their projects – given the number who achieve this at BGS, this is great news for our students!