Update from Head of Girls' Juniors, Infants and Pre-School - 20/10/2017

Update from Head of Girls' Juniors, Infants and Pre-School - 20/10/2017

Dear Parents,

All the pupils have really enjoyed Science Week and my thanks go to Mrs Jennings who has worked with the other science staff within the School to provide so many activities for the pupils.

Thank you also to the children who presented their Colour Assembly to every phase of the School.

The Pre-School and Reception children participated too. They worked with Ms Burns to create clouds that rained to make a rainbow. Although this was no ordinary rainbow as it produced unicorn horns and poop which every child got to take home! Our thanks also to Ms Burns who is one of our parents.

Year 6 had an informative morning at the Fire Station which is an excellent new resource available to for school aged pupils within Bury.

Holiday Club is running from Friday 20th over the 2 weeks of half term inclusively either for full weeks or occasional days. Please contact Miss Mahon and her team on holidayclub@burygrammar.com if you would like to reserve a place.

We all return to school on 6 November and will be holding our Parents’ Evenings on the Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of that week.

Advance Notice

  • Our Year 6 girls will be spending the day in the Senior School on 7 November as part of their transition into Year 7; I know that they will have a very exciting day!
  • Reception are planning their Autumn Walk at 9.00am on Wednesday 8th November - weather permitting!
  • Our Book Fair will be running from 8th to 16th November in the Infant Foyer and we would be delighted if you could support it.

Please do not hesitate to come into School to discuss any issues you may have with myself or my team.

I hope that everyone has a very restful half term.

Kind regards
Vicki Hall