What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 01/03/2019

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 01/03/2019

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Star of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – Niyan, for some super reading in class.

Year 4 Royal – Ali, for fantastic effort in English this week.

Year 5 Emerald – Hassan, for excellent mathematical knowledge.

Year 5 Jade – William C, for showing excellent understand of grid method multiplication.

Year 6 Burgundy – Awais, for excellent research and writing about ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

Year 6 Scarlet – Hakim, for an excellent homework piece on ‘Tomorrow’s World’.


House Points

Year 3

Max - 80
Hari - 58
Ben - 55

Year 4

Joseph - 96
John - 94
Uzair - 93

Year 5

Ethan M - 83
Alexander - 77
Haroon - 74

Year 6

James - 145
Alexander - 138
Gabriel - 135

Overall Competition

Derby - 61
Hulme - 59
Kay - 58
Howlett - 52


Other News

Year 5 get to grips with Tudor topic

Year 5 had a fun packed afternoon getting to grips with their new Tudor topic after a wonderful launch at Bramall Hall.

The boys examined the art of Hans Holbein, worked on a Tudor timeline and family tree and compared maps of Tudor and modern London.

This topic is a chance to really explore this fascinating period of British history and look at how changes during the Tudor era still resonate today.


Engineering Adventure

Before half term, the Engineering Club went on a visit to meet some local engineers at Datum (Bury).

On this visit, the pupils were able to learn more about this type of career, as well as build their own mechanical toy.


Anderson Shelters

The final set of Anderson Shelter models were brought in this week as the boys finished of their 'Child's Story' Humanities topic, based on WWII.

Both Year 6 classes have worked amazingly hard to produce fantastic model shelters, with some having their own beds, tables and chairs inside!

The boys will now move on to he 'Tomorrow's World' topic, which will explore futuristic technological advancements that may be developed.


Stunning Stone Age

Year 3 have ended their topic of Tribal Tales by creating their own spectacular 3D models of Stone Age villages. The creativity shown has been exceptional and the boys have very much enjoyed looking at each other’s models and admiring each other’s hard work. Fabulous work year 3!


Off with her head!

"Off with her head!" was the cry as Year 5 from the Boys' and Girls' Junior Schools had a fantastic launch to their new Tudor topic at Bramall Hall. The children had a fun, action packed day where they learnt all about Tudor food, dancing, writing and even medicine. Ask your children if they can tell you then origin of the phrase to "have a frog in your throat"- its thoroughly disgusting! The children shared their existing knowledge (with some being mini experts on the topic already) while asking lots of fantastic questions.


Flip-book animations

This week in Design & Technology, year 4 used origami and cutting skills to create their own mini-booklets. We will be making more to link with our Computing topic of animation. First, we will be exploring how to create flip-book animations. The boys became very animated themselves with their excitement!



Daniel and Ethan W of Year 5 took part in their first national fencing competition last weekend.

There was some tough competition but both fought well and made it through to the quarter-finals, ending up being placed 8th and 6th respectively - excellent results for their first competition.

Well done to Benjamin in Year 3 who achieved his marathon wristband at the Junior parkrun at the weekend. This means he has completed over 22 of the 2k events. Well done!