What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 03/05/2019

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 03/05/2019

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Year 5 York residential

Year 5 have had a fantastic residential trip to York this week, spending three days in one of the most historic and picturesque cities in the UK. The trip was planned to help deepen and widen the boys understanding of British history and to give them a different type of travel experience from the outdoors activity centre trips they have experienced before.

Arriving at the YHA at York, the boys had little time to take in the excellent facilities before we were trooping down the side of the Ouse in the hazy sunshine on our way to York Minister. After a fascinating talk on stained glass, where the boys not only showed their knowledge but asked some great questions, we stepped inside the Minster. The boys were impressed by the size, detail and history of this amazing building and showed their ability to ask probing questions of our guides. After wending our way back to the hostel, it was time to inspect the billets and make ourselves at home. Boys settled in well, ate heartily and then designed and made their own stained glass windows. After a quiet night it was up, breakfast (where some boys enjoyed their fist ever hash brown!) and back into York. We spent most of the day at the York Castle Museum, which is chock full with social history spanning over 1000 years. On our way home we visited the Shambles - which was the inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter - before taking a leisurely stroll back to the hostel for shield designing and longboat making. Our last activity was bread making which the boys tackled with great relish.

On the final day, tired legs carried us to the National Railway Museum to learn all about the development of rail travel and getting to see some amazing historic and modern locomotives. The boys have been fabulous throughout, regularly being complimented on their manners and making us proud with their questioning and engagement. Trips like this are a great bonding experience for the boys as well as letting them develop their independence and life skills. In future times we are sure the boys will look back on this as a memorable experience and a high point of their time in Year 5.