What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 19/04/2019

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 19/04/2019

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Viking or Saxon - which would you prefer to be?

Year 4 boys researched the lives of Vikings this week, to compare to the Anglo-Saxons.

They were very thorough in their research using a combination of books and on-line resources to find out as much as possible. They have presented their work using a mix of written work and drawings, combined with the use of software such as Word, Powerpoint and Publisher.

Using all they have learned about the Saxons and Vikings, our Trade Fair began. Taking on the roles of different Saxon or Viking citizens, they have been shipbuilders, potters and coin-makers this week.


It has been an amazing ancient history week in the Boys' Junior School with the pupils taking a deep dive into a particular ancient culture.

Studying Egyptians, Vikings, the Sumer and the cradle of civilisation, Mesopotamia, over the three days has given the boys a chance to really get to grips with a period of history they may not usually explore.

The boys have enjoyed a range of activities including building longboats, illustrating timelines and even tasting some delicious mezze!


The Great Gate Challenge

Year 5 have been studying the ancient round city of Baghdad this week, looking specifically at the four large gates that once kept the city safe.

They were then challenged to plan and build their own city gates that would stand upright independently, open on a hinge and have space for flag poles.


Cradle of humanity

Ancient civilisations week got off to a great start in Year 5 as we started looking at the 'cradle of humanity', Mesopotamia.

The boys looked at this fascinating region and started writing in the ancient language cuneiform.

Alfie (Year 5) received the award for ‘The Most Promising Grade 3 - 5 Pianist' at the Ramsbottom Music Festival.

Alfie is pictured (above) receiving the award with Jane Black the Mayor of Bury.



Well done to Ethan (Year 3) who won 5 Gold medals in the three events he entered at the BMSS Riding stars meet: the 100m butterfly, 100m freestyle and 100m breastroke in the under-9s age group.



Good luck to Gabriel (Year 6) who is set to compete in the British BMX National Series.

Gabriel currently sits in 5th place from 90 boys aged 11 in the HSBC British National Series with eight more rounds to go.

Gabriel has already completed in 4 HSBC British National Cycling events this year and is due to compete in the UEC BMX European rounds over the Easter weekend.