What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 23/11/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 23/11/2018

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to the following boys who received Star of the Week this week:

Year 3 Gold – George N, for his great effort and excellent contributions in all lessons.

Year 4 Royal – Ethan, for being helpful and kind.

Year 5 Emerald – Junior, for always pushing himself to the best of his ability.

Year 5 Jade – Max, for some excellent dramatic writing.

Year 6 Burgundy - Joe, for working fantastically in class this week during all subjects.

Year 6 Scarlet – Ciarán, for enthusiastic work on Mr Potato Head genetics.



Year 3

George S - 90
Hari A - 77
James L - 77

Year 4

Adam A - 128
Max G - 47
Ben N - 46

Year 5

Zubair - 83
Ethan W - 62
Ethan A & Haroon J - 61

Year 6

Aditya R - 99
Gabriel S - 84
Eddie S - 79


Derby - 52.4
Howlett - 49.83
Kay - 49.80
Hulme - 43.5


Other News

Outstanding amount raised for MedEquip4Kids

We were delighted to present MedEquip4Kids with a cheque of £3,137.19 on Monday.

MedEquip4Kids were the BGS Boys' Junior School chosen Autumn charity and the boys took part in a sponsored 'Midday Mile' walk as well as a non-uniform day to raise the money. The money raised was a record amount from a school for MedEquip4Kids.


A stitch in time saves nine. In Year 5 we have been working on our life skills while also preparing a piece of art from our World War 1 topic. Treading a needle and sewing material together proved quite a challenge for boys who had  never done it before but some were naturals and showed great skill and dexterity.

Help the boys out by sending any small repairs their way!


On Saturday, BGS Junior Boys took part in AJIS Chess, competing against some of the best chess players of the North West, representing BGS Boys' Junior School.


Map readers and cartographers

Year 4 learned how to read the contour lines of Ordnance Survey maps. They created their own example maps showing valleys, cliffs, peaks and summits.


Is this plastic bottle empty?

In Science this week, year 4 used all their strength to try to collapse an empty plastic bottle. It proved impossible when the lid was on, but very easy (and fun) when the lid was off. What was stopping the empty bottle from being squashed with the lid on? The boys investigated and can reveal all should you ask them.


WW1 Events

Year 5 have been working hard to organise key events from WW1.

We had a discussion about which events we felt were the most important with everyone agreeing on some such as the start and end of the war.


The Year 6 boys took on some practical Maths this week as they studied 3D shapes in their lessons.

Following some tricky cutting, folding and sticking the boys were eventually able to create something that resembled a shape with vertices, edges and faces.

Can you name the shapes in the pictures?


As part of their Humanities topic (Darwin's Delights) the Year 6 pupils created their own cast fossils using clay this week.

Having studied resin, cast, mould and trace fossils the boys were able to use their leaves from last week to create some authentic looking trace fossils.

The budding palaeontologists will continue with their topic next week, looking at the different prehistoric ages... wonder if they'll find the era where Mr Turner originated from?!


Figuring out Fairtrade

Year 3 boys have been learning about Fairtrade and this week have focused on how Fairtrade chocolate is made. They worked brilliantly together to unravel the journey from bean to bar and then watched a mouth-watering video of some of their favourite chocolate bars being produced.



Well done Ethan M (Year 5) who achieved three silver medals and one gold medal at the the Ramsbottom Rascals Club Championships.

He also received the award for the most improved boy in the development squad.