What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 30/11/2018

What's been happening in the Boys' Junior School - 30/11/2018

House Points

Year 3

Ben S - 83
Oliver L - 45
George N - 43

Year 4

Max G - 38
Ben N - 37
Rayaan A - 36

Year 5

Ethan W - 140
Zubair A - 91
Ethan A & Ismail H - 77

Year 6

Alex W - 69
Zack A - 62
Hakim L - 57


Kay - 38
Derby - 36
Howlett - 33.6
Hulme - 33.0


School Council Meeting

The Boys' Junior School Council had a very productive meeting this week in which members put forward a number of exciting proposals for future improvements at school. They listened to each others suggestions carefully, they respected each others views and they voted for the ideas they liked best. We are looking forward to our next meeting.


Year 4 investigation

Year 4 learned the scientific skill of recording the results of an investigation and arriving at conclusions about the discoveries made. Here they are eager to show off their learning in an interactive quiz. Test them on their knowledge of the processes of heating and cooling and how they change different states of matter.


Medieval Manchester Trip

Year 5 boys and girls had a wonderful time on their trip to Chetham’s and John Ryland’s libraries on Monday. They studied some genuine medieval manuscripts and learnt all about bookmaking - and then they made their own! They asked some very intelligent questions and brought home a souvenir in the form of our own handmade notebook. Well done on your wonderful behaviour, Year 5!


Cuboid Challenge

We were set the challenge of designing cuboid packaging for a new chocolate bar. We were split into teams and each team competed against each other. We had to investigate the suitability of a variety of 3D nets and then suggest what we thought would work best. The best team demonstrated delegation, co-operation and team work.


Year 5 Maths

Maths got very hands on in Year 5 this week as we used a wide array of equipment such as protractors and compasses as we worked on all things angles. Today we focused on measuring circles where unfortunately our rulers were little use measuring the curved edge. Thankfully damp string, rulers and a great deal of patience meant that we got to grips with the circle rather than them running rings around us!


Research into fossils

This week, the pupils have been continuing their research of fossils. In Humanities, we looked at the history of fossils and the different eras that are formed by layers with the Earth. We used angel cake to describe the three layers, with hungry looks in our eyes.



Well done to Sammy who competed in the Bolton Metro Winter Sprint Swimming Meet recently.

Achieving six gold medals from six races (PBs in them all), he now has three Lancashire qualifying times and is currently ranked as the 3rd fastest in his age category in the UK for 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle and the 5th fastest for the Individual Medley.