What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 01/02/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 01/02/2019

Year 3

Year 3 are thoroughly enthralled by this term’s topic on Tribal Tales. They’ve created their own fact files with pictures and fascinating information, found out about cave art (cave painting/human-made marking placed on natural stone) and then drawn their own pet or another animal in the style of a prehistoric cave painting.

In English we’ve moved to a non-fiction text questioning, ‘Where in the world would you like to live?’ The girls have many views on this and the discussions are lively as they elaborate their reasons. As we focus on retrieving facts from text about different countries, it’s super to hear them share their opinions and find similarities and differences in what they thought particular countries were like.


Year 4

Year 4 are very much enjoying their new topic, ‘Playlist’. Each class has compiled their own playlists including a favourite track from each child. Choices ranged from Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five to Halestorm - Rockshow. The girls shared their reasons for choosing each track and while they listened to each other’s musical selections the girls drew how the music made them feel. They created unique pieces of artwork to complement their playlist.

Having now completed reading, The Iron Man, the girls are writing their own stories based on a robot. Inspired by Ted Hughes’ use of specific vocabulary, onomatopoeia, repetition and short sentences to add suspense and tension, the girls are now prepared to write their own compelling modern adventure stories.


Year 5

Year 5 have been experimenting, finding out which type of habitat a woodlouse prefers. The children set up systems of chambers with a range of options in each – would the woodlice choose to spend their morning in grass, stones, dry leaves or damp, rotting wood? The children provided for every woodlouse need, and felt that they were giving their woodlice a real ‘pamper day’ treat. It was wonderful to see the groups of children working so well in their teams and the diligence with which they made their observations. Of course, the woodlice were returned to the wild at the end of their ‘Spa Day’, although it was noted that not one of them left a tip!


Year 6

Year 6 have been thoroughly enjoying themselves and have been very creative with their topic ‘Darwin’s Delights’. We have learned about Charles Darwin and how he noticed that the beaks of finches in the Galapagos Islands had evolved in different ways. We then thought about how other modern day creatures may evolve in the future. We created a clay model of our favourite animal and wrote about how and why we think it will evolve.