What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 05/07/2019

What's been happening in the Girls' Junior School - 05/07/2019

Stars of the Week

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Year 3

Year 3 girls have had a most exciting week on this penultimate week of the year. 

We’ve watched chicks hatch before our eyes, spent an exciting afternoon with next year’s teacher and thoroughly enjoyed reading with the buzzy bees from our Reception class! During this shared reading session, I was so proud to reflect on how the Year 3 girls have all matured, become more independent and grown in confidence throughout the year.

The excitement truly began in Monday morning’s swimming lesson as they all donned their pyjamas to take part in their life-saving lesson. Developing water confidence and personal survival skills is a vital part of the curriculum. Being exposed to what it might feel like if they found themselves in water fully clothed allows them to see they can still swim, turn etc. but also to practise treading water and discuss what they might need to do in order to save themselves from such a situation. It was also a lot of fun!

Year 4

In Year 4 we have been looking at the topic of electricity in our science lessons.

We started off with a brainstorming session where the girls amazed us with the amount of knowledge they already had in this area of learning. Then we thought about renewable and non-renewable electricity and decided which would be the best source for the future of our planet. We amazed ourselves by our ability to think of many different ways to create electricity without pollution and using up our world’s limited resources. Following this, we sorted pictures of household appliances as to whether or not they needed electricity to work. Straightforward! You might say so, but interestingly this led to a great deal of discussion. The highlight of our topic so far has been our study of electrical circuits. The girls confidently created a range of circuits and to their great satisfaction lit every time. Our biggest challenge was to test a range of circuits to answer the question as to whether they were complete or incomplete. Very pleasingly, they all scored 100%.

Year 5

This week Year 5 have been building their own time machines, to transport them to different periods in their lives, both past and future.

The two classrooms have been a hive of industry as well as creativity as the children have busied themselves with designing, cutting, gluing and painting. As the children have worked, they have solved a range of problems linked to their designs, such as how to put the roof on without the walls falling in. Having completed their projects, the children have enjoyed role-play, transporting themselves to different times and destinations – fabulous for the imagination and fabulous for stimulating thought about growth and change.

Well done to Lexie (Year 5) who won her class at The Royal Cheshire Show. She qualified for The Horse of the Year Show in October.

Year 6

In swimming, both classes have been learning essential life saving skills in the pool.

They have swum in their pyjamas to rescue their friends. They used the throw and drag methods.

Year 6 have also been putting their maths to good use creating scale models of bridges.

They have researched an international bridge to find its measurements, chosen a scale to use and then built their model in groups.